Warranty Policy

In compliance with the provision of the conditions of our warranty policy, Ouson Products covered are guaranteed up to the stipulated period and will begin effect starting from the date of invoice. The warranty is only valid and enforceable if the Product was purchased from us or any of our authorized dealers and resellers in a jurisdiction in which we sell Products and the Product was originally sold to you in its original, sealed packaging.

Three (3) Years Warranty โ€“ Ouson Blood pressure monitor BSX556, BSX516 & BSX523

Two (2) Years Warranty โ€“ Ouson Infrared Thermometer

Our limited warranty policy covers only manufacturing defects due to defective workmanship or materials and does not cover the following conditions:

Excluded Products, which includes (a) resold Products, (b) Products not purchased directly from us or an authorized dealer or reseller, or (c) accessories such as arm straps, batteries or USB Cables.

Misuse of Products, which includes damage or loss to the Product due to an accident, theft, improper storage, misuse or abuse, mishandling, exposure to water or liquids, exposure to extreme conditions or physical and electrical manipulations.

Wear and Tear of Products, which includes damage resulting from the normal wear and tear and normal depletion of parts (eg. Batteries) unless occurring due to defective workmanship or materials in the main hardware.

Postage fees on returns of the warranty claim shall be borne by the customer.

ReanneQ Sdn Bhd reserves the right to reject or void any warranty claims if:

a.ย  The product was dismantled by unauthorised personnel

b.ย  The product was not used for its intended purposes