• Exclusive Discounts and Offers

    Access to discounts and special offers not available to the general public.

  • Exclusive Pre-Launch Product Invitations

    Be the first to know about and purchase new products before Ouson Care launched to the public.

  • Exclusive Loyalty Vouchers

    Special vouchers for loyalty Ouson Club Member like you!

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  • "Offer": Refers to any discount, promotion, or special price offered to eligible members.
  • "Pre-launch Invitation": Refers to the early invitation provided to eligible members for accessing a product or service before its general release.
  • "Loyalty Voucher": Refers to a voucher provided to eligible members as a reward for their loyalty.
  • "Participant": Refers to an individual who meets the criteria for receiving the Offer, Pre-launch Invitation, or Loyalty Voucher.


  • The exclusive offers are available only for members who join the Ouson Club Telegram Channel.


  • All Offers, Pre-launch Invitations, and Loyalty Vouchers have a specific validity period. If not used within this period, they will expire and cannot be extended.

Modification & Termination

  • Ouson reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any Offer, Pre-launch Invitation, or Loyalty Voucher without prior notice, for any reason deemed necessary by the company.

Data Usage

  • Personal data of participants may be collected and used for marketing purposes, analytics, and improving user experience. All data usage will comply with applicable privacy laws.


  • Participation in the Offer, Pre-launch Invitation, or Loyalty Voucher program constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions.


  • Abuse of the Offer, Pre-launch Invitation, or Loyalty Voucher in any form is a violation of these terms and conditions and may result in the cancellation of the participant's account or forfeiture of benefits.
  • In case of any disputes arising out of the use of Offers, Pre-launch Invitations, or Loyalty Vouchers, the decision of the company shall be final and binding.
  • Trade-In Option [ANY Brand] Blood Pressure Monitor & Thermometer

    Members can trade in Blood Pressure Monitors and Thermometers of any brand in exchange for a discount on a new product

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  • Trade-In Device: Any brand of Blood Pressure Monitor or Thermometer to trade in.
  • New Device: Select model/device to purchase in exchange for the Trade-In Device discount.


  • Only Ouson Club Member eligible/entitle for Trade-In Device Option.

Trade-In Process

  • The Trade-In Device option only for walk-in Ouson Club Member to our Store.
  • The store representative will evaluate the condition and functionality of the Trade-In Device.
  • Once evaluated, a trade-in value will be quoted.
  • The trade-in value will be in voucher or discount for the New Device.

Conditions for Trade-In

  • All conditions of the Blood Pressure Monitor or Thermometer are accepted, regardless of its physical state or functionality. Whether the device is functioning, damaged, or non-operational, it will be accepted for trade-in.

Data Privacy

  • Customers are responsible for the removal of any personal data from their Trade-In Device. The company is not responsible for any data left on the device and will not guarantee its confidentiality.

Trade-In Value Redemption:

  • Customers will be given a digital voucher for the determined trade-in value. This voucher can be used towards the purchase of a New Device at the time of trade-in, or for future purchases.

Warranty of New Device

  • Trading in a device does not affect the warranty conditions of the New Device purchased.


  • Once the Trade-In Device is accepted by the company, the customer cannot reclaim it under any circumstances. The company assumes no liability for the discarded Trade-In Devices.
  • Health Tips

    Receive regular tips on how to maintain and improve your health.

  • Products User Guide

    Detail user guides to help you get the most out of your products.

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  • Health Tips: Refers to general advice, suggestions, or recommendations concerning health and wellness.
  • Product User Guide: Detail instructions, advice, and information regarding a specific health product's usage.


  • The Health Tips and Product User Guides are for personal, non-commercial use only. Redistribution, reproduction, or any form of commercial usage without prior written consent from the company is prohibited.


  • Health Tips are general suggestions and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider about any health-related questions or conditions.
  • Product User Guides are meant to aid in the usage of specific products. Any deviation from the recommended usage might result in reduced effectiveness or potential harm.


  • The company is not responsible for any harm, injury, or adverse effect resulting from the application of Health Tips or the use of products based on the Product User Guide. Users are advised to exercise caution and discretion.

Modifications and Updates

  • Ouson reserves the right to modify, update, or withdraw Health Tips and Product User Guides without prior notice.


  • By accessing and using the Health Tips and Product User Guides, user agree to abide by these T&Cs.
  • Monthly Lucky Draw

    Members are automatically entered into a monthly lucky draw for a chance to win exciting prizes!

  • Birthday Gift Redemption

    Receive a special gift from Ouson on your birthday!

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  • Monthly Lucky Draw: Refers to a regular prize draw, occurring once a month, where entrants have a chance to win prizes.
  • Birthday Gift Redemption: A program through which eligible individual can claim a gift during their birthday month.


  • To participate in the Monthly Lucky Draw or the Birthday Gift Redemption, entrants must be a Ouson Club Member and be of legal age as defined by Malaysia.

Entry into the Monthly Lucky Draw

  • To participate in the Monthly Lucky Draw, members must join the Ouson Club Telegram channel.
  • Once joined, members will automatically be entered into the draw for that particular month.
  • Being part of the Ouson Club Telegram channel for consecutive months does not increase the chances of winning in any single month's draw.

Birthday Gift Redemption Process

  • To be eligible for the Birthday Gift Redemption, individuals must be members of the Ouson Club.
  • Eligible members have to walk-in to Ouson Office in person to redeem birthday gift.
  • Upon arrival, member must present their identification card (IC) for verification.
  • Once verified, member can proceed to redeem birthday gift.
  • Warranty for Blood Pressure Arm Cuff

    Ensuring product reliability, guaranteed quality and service.

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Only Ouson Club Member eligible/entitle for Blood Pressure Arm Cuff Warranty Service and to new purchase or who have purchased a blood pressure arm cuff product from Ouson or an authorized retailer and have also enrolled in the Ouson Club.

Extended Warranty Period

  • The Warranty provide coverage for the blood pressure arm cuff product for a period of 3 years from the original purchase date.


  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, or failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Products with altered or removed serial numbers.
  • Damage caused by non-authorized repair or modification.